Swarm Logistics


Sucessful Proof of Concept for a server-less and vehicle based Fleet Control System.

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(Stuttgart, Germany in Jan. 2022).

Dear colleagues, supporters and friends,
another milestone was taken a few days ago. We carried out another Proof of Concept for our decentralized or better said distributed Fleet Control System. We are excited, that we deployed a fully technically feasible solution for a vehicle based and server-less solution. A fleet can be coordinated, orchestrated, or dispatched without the need of any central coordination and server; the fleet reaches an equilibrium and consensus (in a simple form) with distributed decision making.

This is a paradigm change for a completely decentralized or even distributed infrastructure and will lead to a fast adapting and self-organizing supply chain without a single point of failure, which is more resilient to any disturbances or cyberattacks and offers digital sovereignty from any cloud provider. With our approach just single vehicles could default, but still the whole network of vehicles would stay functional.

It is one of the first application for the so-called Machine Economy, where vehicles or any other machines or better said their Digital Business Twins can be seen as independent market participants and make autonomous business decision and thus coordinate and negotiate with collaborating or competing other machines of the same or another meaning.

Stay tuned there is more to come from us!
You are welcome to join the journey, we are looking for pilot partners.

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