Swarm Logistics


2020, Sept. - Swarm Logistics is a finalist for the CyberOne HighTech Award Baden-Wuerttemberg in the category "Industrial Technologies". [YouTube Video]

2020, Jun. - We have been featured as one of the keyplayers for Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) in the market analysis: GLOBAL MULTI-ROBOT SYSTEMS (MRS) MARKET SIZE, STATUS AND FORECAST 2020-2026. [Link]

2020, Jun. - Swarm Logistics featured in the section practical examples for AI in Smart Logistics in the paper: A Review of Further Directions for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning in Smart Logistics by Montanuniversitaet Leoben, 8700 Leoben, Austria & Industrial Engineering and Automation (IEA), Faculty of Science and Technology, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, 39100 Bolzano, Italy. [Link]

2020, Apr. - Swarm Logistics offers their Auto-Dispatcher free of charge for system critical institutions during the COVID-19 crises. [Link]

2020, Feb. - We presented at the Startup Autobahn Selection Day at Arena 2036 by Plug n'Play evaluating pilot projects with their corporate partners.

2020, Jan. - Swarm Logistics is now part of the European Space Agency - Business Incubation Center (ESA-BIC).

2019, Dec.
- 3rd place for Swarm Logistics in the prestigious Galileo Masters satellite navigation contest. [Link]

2019, Aug. 15th
- We have validated our Systems in a Proof of Concept with extraordinary results. [Link]

2019, May 1st
- A demo of the Business Operating System B.O.S. test environment is available.

2019, Apr. 16th - We presented in front the mobility community in Stuttgart "The Machine Economy by the example of logistics". [Link]

2019, Mar. 20th - Our CEO will give a talk about the "Machine Economy" in logistics at the "TecNet DataMotive" conference in Stuttgart.

2018, Nov. 29th - Our CEO participated among other international experts in the discussion about autonomous vehicles & future mobility organised by Spanish Think Tank "VEHICLES 7 YEARS FROM NOW" [Link]

2018, Nov. 22nd - We attended the "Blue Rocket" congress at the "Digital Hub Logistics" Hamburg by DVZ - Deutsche Verkehrszeitung.

2018, Oct. 29th - Our Advisory Board gains Dr. Prorok from University of Cambridge, UK. Swarm Logistics is very proud to announce that Dr. Amanda Prorok, who is one of the world's renowned researchers for autonomous robot systems, joins its scientific advisory board. [Link]