Swarm Logistics
fully automated dispatching and scheduling


Carry out your daily dispatching, scheduling and planning of a whole fleet in a few minutes, fully automated by one mouse click.

→ Freight (trucks, commercial vehicles)
→ Passenger transportation (taxis, buses etc.)
→ Service fleets (service orders)
→ Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
→ Transportation Networks
→ Smart City projects
→ round-trips
→ multi pick up and delivery
→ long hauls
→ last mile deliery etc.

You receive detailed tour plans for all your vehicles that can be exported to a navigation system, so drivers have just to follow the instructions on the screen.

→ time windows (e.g. opening-, ramp times), payload, volume
→ truck maps, different driver profiles and tolls
→ working time restrictions of drivers
→ different de- & loading time, time and costs of stops
→ calculation of estimated time of arrival (ETA)
→ cost calculation of each tour (heterogeneous vehicle fleets)
→ complete integration of an accounting system
→ freight is freely definable (volume, payload, stackable etc.)
→ right sequence for the loaders

You can integrate the Auto-Dispatcher easily into the existing Transport Management Systems (TMS) using the REST API interface.

Bring your company into the age of automation utilizing the speed and precision of a computer & artificial intelligence based planning.

For a more detailed description please take a closer look at the results of our Proof of Concept. [Read More]

Profit from a subscription model with a moderate monthly fee per vehicle and an additional fee per stop. The costs thus adapt to your business.

As a Transport Management or Fleet Management Systems provider you can integrate our solution as Whitelabel also deployed "on premise" in your data centre.

See the strucutre of the REST-API.
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Cost savings

Our system can save you up to 35% in costs, with better planned tours and routes taking all constraints into account. Furthermore the amount of dispatchers can be reduced.

Artificial Intelligence

The Auto-Dispatcher is based on a complex algorithm that is constantly improving itself with the use of artificial intelligence.

faster dispatching

Our customers experience up to 95% time saving for dispatching, scheduling and planning of tours. We can reduce your time for dispatching from many hours to a few minutes. Enable new business models like "same day delivery" or "Mobility as a Service (MaaS)".

increase delivery speed

With the same amount of vehicles our customers manage to delivery the same amount of cargo in up to 35% faster time and thus freeing up resources for additional business or reducing the needed amount of vehicles.

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