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Swarm Logistics offers their Auto-Dispatcher free of charge for system critical institutions during the COVID-19 crises.

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(Stuttgart, Germany in April 2020). Swarm Logistics developed a software to fully automate the daily dispatching and scheduling of fleets.

Users can carry out the daily dispatching, scheduling and planning of a whole fleet in a few minutes. The process is fully automated and starts by one mouse click. Up to 35% costs can get reduced due to better planning and a higher throughput of transported entities with the same amount of vehicles.

Previously cost savings were a benefit much focussed on. But by now reduced planning time became the most important feature for ad hoc changes in the supply chain like delays at ramps, borders etc. Furthermore calculation of the ETA (estimated time of arrival) makes the delivery more predictable for all partners involved.

During the corona crisis usage of the software is free of charge for critical institutions like hospitals, police, or any other public institutions that are helping with the distribution of important goods, service fleets, or with shuttle buses driving e.g. sick, elderly or disabled. Due to the restricted capacities the offer is non-binding and subject to change/prior validation. Integration into legacy systems lies in the responsibility of the institutions.

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